Perfectly Cinchy Zucchini Pickles

I just made a batch of these glorious zucchini pickles for the very first time. My parents always did the pickle making, you see, so I used to mooch off them. Now I live too far away, which explains my late start on the job. If I’d known how easy they were going to be — and how crazy proud and giddy I was going to feel at my achievement — I’d have started sooner. Read more →

Let’s Play Squash!

Friends of mine, Kerry and Ivy Knight and Rob Firing, have just written a book together called, The Everyday Squash Cook.  If you think “everyday” means “ordinary”, you’re in for a surprise.  I cornered Kerry, dressed in his finest, to find out why I should be eating more squash for a healthier 2015…

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Plum Clafoutis…kind of…

I don’t normally post a random recipe without context, but I am today because I write in haste, knowing that plum season is about to come to an abrupt halt and that this weekend may be your last chance to get your hands on them. Read more →

Bridget and Jill on Entertaining (and Thanksgiving)

Canadians will be preparing for Thanksgiving celebrations this weekend, but I jumped the gun and joined in early festivities in New York State last week. Cheater! I know! But the leaves were stunning, and the weather heaven-sent, and the company too good to pass up. Read more →

An Authentic, Maritime Fish Chowder

I find it astonishing how often the simplest, most basic recipes can be the hardest to find anywhere well made Read more →

Nothing Like a “Fast” to Slow You Down

The only time in my life I’ve ever gone on a fast was about 20 years ago when I’d just got back from a trip to India. My body was completely out of whack from the couple of months on a foreign diet and I felt like I needed a reset.

A friend, or perhaps my mother, recommended something called “The Master Cleanse,” which is a 10-day commitment to, well, basically lemonade. I decided to give it a go. Amazingly, I didn’t find it at all difficult to stick to, and by the end, I’d lost ten pounds and felt fantastic. But, I never did the cleanse again, nor gave it another thought. Read more →

Fennel Crackers

It’s an empowering act to make from scratch something we’re accustomed to buying from a supermarket. Jam, pancakes, granola, pastry, bread, stocks, vinaigrette… All these are examples of things that taste infinitely better when they’re homemade, and yet these are the areas where we tend to get lazy and buy. Read more →

Korean Pancakes: an easy and exotic way to get your vegetables

Years ago, when I was au pairing for a French mother in northern Spain, I learned a useful trick for getting vegetables into the mouths of young children. Every day, before dinner, the mother would whizz up in the blender a random mixture of cooked vegetables, pour the soupy mixture into a baby bottle with the nipple cut off, and stick it in her six-year-old’s mouth. The child slurped it back with glee as a sort of apéritif before dinner proper. Nary a protestation! Genius. Read more →

A Chicken Soup… and its Secrets

“I break all the rules, I’m afraid.” That was my mother’s answer when I asked her what makes her chicken soup so good. Soups are her culinary specialty, you see, and she never just makes one, she positively dotes over it, returning to the pot several times over the course of an afternoon to taste and make tiny adjustments. Read more →

Gravlax, baby step by baby step

Before I knew any better, I thought cured salmon must be a very difficult thing to make, and I’m sure I believed it required all sorts of torturously complicated equipment, too. Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I had the utter simplicity of gravlax demonstrated to me by a real live Viking!

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