Random Acts of Beauty

I was innocently driving along a country road last weekend, taking in the odd barn, tractor, field of horses, bit of farm equipment…when suddenly I rounded a corner and gasped.
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Inspiration Sighted

I suppose the point of a holiday is to break routine, but since my life doesn’t seem to be overly routine in the first place I tend to seek out ways to impose structure upon myself, including on holiday. My friend Johanna (producer of French Food at Home, as it happens) just gave me my latest favourite idea. Read more →

“Le minimum”

“Always do the minimum,” is advice that an artist friend used to give to me. It sounds lazy, but what he meant was not, “don’t run if you can walk.” He meant that even when you have zero motivation to do anything, you must at least write one sentence, or draw one line, or take one step, because that one step usually leads to another Read more →

A Key Consideration

A friend and I hopped into her new car about a year ago (which looked nothing like the nice toy pictured above) about to head off for adventure. Alas, our escapade was over before it could begin Read more →

Four Ways You’ve Never Thought About Cookbooks

1. So, you think writing a cookbook is a cakewalk?

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