The Sunday Roast Revival

I have long been anti-brunch, or what one friend amusingly calls, “the pork chop waffle parfait.” Sunday, to me, is the wrong time for sloppy hangover food in a restaurant. Instead, it’s a day – perhaps the day of the week – where a proper family meal should be served at home, whether to family or to friends or to both, and whether at lunch or in the evening. Read more →

The Great White Tablecloth

I’ve so often heard people poo poo white linen tablecloths, on the grounds that they’re stuffy, formal, and out of another time zone, that I felt it was high time someone come to their defense. Read more →

String holder

Of all the things you never thought your kitchen needed, surely this sits near the top of the list. And yet, how many times have you been about to truss a chicken or tie up a spiral of fish when… Read more →

Korean Mortar and Pestle

For kitchen tasks such as grinding spices, or turning anchovies to paste and garlic cloves to pulp, the idea of using a mortar and pestle, instead of an unromantic modern-day appliance, has always appealed to me. Read more →

Toast Tongs

We all know how maddening it is when bread gets stuck in the toaster. And we’ve all been warned of the dangers of trying to go after it with a metal knife or fork. So why would not toast tongs be a regular feature in every kitchen? Read more →

Fabulous Lawn Furniture

There is so much cheap, ugly (and often dysfunctional) outdoor furniture in the world that it is an absolute joy to come across an original piece Read more →

Don’t You Know What I AM?

You think I’m a conch. But I am not.  No. I used to be, but after a while I found the whole business too limiting and I knew my life deserved to have deeper meaning. Read more →

Pretty French Fruit Bowls

In an era when so much design seeks to be edgy – or so minimalist that it leaves a person cold – these country-style fruit bowls by Maison de Famille were a very happy find indeed. Read more →

Microplane® Grater

It’s hard to imagine that this now ubiquitous cooking tool once didn’t exist in our kitchens. Read more →

A Real Ding Dong: my ode to bells

When mobile phones first became common, the world was bombarded by a hailstorm of cutesy ditties. Everyone battled to have their unique ring tone stand out and draw attention. Read more →