Cocktails in Conversation: with spirits entrepreneur and enthusiast, Ian Tuck

My friend, Ian Tuck, is a true renaissance man. He loves basketball as much as the TED conference, is as devoted to the internet as he is to books, owns a wind-up watch, but also a sous-vide machine. In short, Ian is a man very much grounded in what’s worthwhile of the past, while at the same time being voraciously interested in all that’s up and coming. Unlike his friend, moi, who takes forever to give anything “new” the time of day. Read more →

Bridget and Jill on Entertaining (and Thanksgiving)

Canadians will be preparing for Thanksgiving celebrations this weekend, but I jumped the gun and joined in early festivities in New York State last week. Cheater! I know! But the leaves were stunning, and the weather heaven-sent, and the company too good to pass up. Read more →

Bar Behaviour

You can sidle up to this scene, but do you know how to sit down? Read more →

Julienne, Made Fast and Fuss Free

Anyone who has had French culinary training will know that the julienne technique can be a precise business. Slender, matchstick batons, all of equal length and width, do look great, but they also require a degree of dexterity that not every home cook has the time or inclination to perfect. Read more →

Heavenly Hosts: Marc

My friend, Marc, who lives in Normandy with his partner, Ivan, is the other half of what is a positively dynamite hosting duo.  Marc’s role, when it comes to entertaining at home, is to deal with wine, flowers, candles, seating plan, and all matters of etiquette. (He also keeps bees, tends an apple orchard, feeds laying hens…) I asked him to share some of his soft skills for helping make dinner parties run smoothly. Read more →

Heavenly Hosts: Ivan

There’s at least one recipe from my friend Ivan in every book I’ve written. No small wonder: he’s one of the most skilled and imaginative cooks I know. He, along with his partner, Marc, are also seriously talented hosts, regaling friends with dinners and bucolic weekend parties at their house in Normandy. I’m in awe of Ivan’s entertaining abilities, so I asked him to share some of his tips to help make entertaining happier for the rest of us.  Read more →